I am a  professional storyteller.

I help my clients create a cross platform branding identity that represent their business, and what they work to achieve.


I have studied and earned my degree in media arts, animation and marketing and have worked in the field for over 12 years.


No matter if your project is for business or personal use, if you are a large company or small business my services can be tailored to fit your special project.


George Annab

Creative Director/Owner


What I do.

I have experience with clients from all different industries, I will work with you to plan, create, and produce the perfect project for your business and needs.


A great way to generate sales are commercials, TV or Web commercials give your brand wide reach.  Producing a television commercial is as much about client relations as it is about creativity.


Web design and development

Planning your website is about more than just design. It includes SEO Optimization, Online Marketing Strategies, Monitoring Site Traffic and Analytics. I help you create an Online Experience for your users.



Educate and inform on any specific topic with a detailed video. I can create an instructional video that provides information that a variety of learners will be able to relate to and retain.



I help you reach and engage your audience through pay-per click campaigns and help grow traffic to your business. I not only help you optimize your website, I create a campaign that is informational and adds entertaining value for your audience.



Along with delivering high quality web and video experiences to your audience I help you create an impactful brand that sends a clear forward thinking message.

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