GA Designs offers full-service video that can bring your project from the brainstorming phase all the way to post production.


Pre-production services

At the very outset of a project I will meet with you to understand your vision and end goal for your video. At this point I can assist with script writing, concept development, music, graphics, and more. This critical phase ensures your video begins on the right foundation so that the end result is exactly what you imagined.


Video Services

Once I have a sense of the duration/complexity involved in your video, I can begin shooting. Although I am a team of one, I have a large network of professionals that I trust and work with on a regular basis, so I am always set up for everything from one-day shoots to lengthy, off-site projects. Throughout the entire process I will work closely with you to ensure the video is representative of your vision.


Post production services

After shooting your video I move into the post-production phase, where the project really begins to take shape. Editing the video, as well as adding any graphics and sound. I am constantly touching base to ensure that the video has a unified feel throughout and successfully communicates your brand and story.


A great way to generate sales are commercials, TV or Web commercials give your brand wide reach.  Producing a television commercial is as much about client relations as it is about creativity.


Web design and development

Planning your website is about more than just design. It includes SEO Optimization, Online Marketing Strategies, Monitoring Site Traffic and Analytics. I help you create an Online Experience for your users.



Educate and inform on any specific topic with a detailed video. I can create an instructional video that provides information that a variety of learners will be able to relate to and retain.



I help you reach and engage your audience through pay-per click campaigns and help grow traffic to your business. I not only help you optimize your website, I create a campaign that is informational and adds entertaining value for your audience.



Along with delivering high quality web and video experiences to your audience I help you create an impact-full brand that sends a clear forward thinking message.

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